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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Friend in need

I am crowded by a lot of souls.Offering me a helping hand,They call themselves friend of mine.
Where were they when i was in need of that hand.
Excuse, promises, forgiveness are the dishes they serve,with the backstabbing knife with them.
They promise me to be my companion in my loney journey.
But they left before starting a step.
Yet they are my friends you can't say,
With the bunch of wolves I follow this road way.

I smile and ask myself
"Did I chose the wrong pathway?".

Piece of life

It's a new morning in the cycle of life,but still I am lost in the cold night of wreck.
My happiness is lost in this charming world,yet I hope for shadow of success.
Dozens of failure,Hub of mistakes
I always ask myself
"Did I chose The Wrong Pathway?"