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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Harry's Love (Part-1)

Wake up harry !you will be late for class.
Oh shit!!
(Harry runs across his room to dress,pick his bag and run away.)
Harry take your lunch box!
Sorry mom! Not now.
(Harry reaches his tution class on his bicycle,as he enter in class)
May I come in sir?
(The whole class stare at him,The professor stare at him with the blank face)
Go away kid,you got nothing in here.
(*Everyone chuckles*)
Sir I am the new student in your class.Its my first day.
Ok Get in .
(The whole class murmur as he move towards his seat)
(As He sits down and relax his body,the professor continues his lecture.
15 min passes by now he is lost in his own world,he take a look of classroom,The air conditioned class with Aroma of Jasmine.what would be better than this for a tight nap.
Professor glance at Harry)
You new kid,Are you in your bedroom?
(*The whole class laughs*)
(Harry stands up and says)
Sorry Sir!

Get up and solve this equation.
(As he approches towards the dice he hear all the gossips.
Student 1-What a looser?
Student 2-Can he solve it?
Student 3-Crazy lazy puppy.

Professor hand him the marker)

(Harry steps towards the board and thinks
What a mess is this .
This old dude suck.)
(Professor snaps his marker)
Get on your sit dumbo.
(*Class chuckles*)
(Harry sits on his seat with a lazy look on his face)
(*Class ends*)
Well it wasn't that bad dumbo.
(As harry's eyes reach towards that melodic sound.
He gets the goosebumps)
(He watches that beautiful face,Those long hairs,those deep blue eyes, straight nose, symmetric face, perfect lips,he could smell that Aroma)
(His heart pumps as it never did before ,his hand shakes,palm sweats)
He stare at that beauty, analysing details of her face.
Few seconds were like hours,as if time was stretched for him)
(Professor snaps them)
Don't you wanna leave the classroom dumbo.
(She smiles)
Harry follows her outside the class.)
(As she unlock her bicycle,prepareing for ride.
Harry asks her)
What's your name?
(She looks back and smile)
Abby! You dumbo.
(*Harry chears with excitement*)
...... To be continued.

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Old Man

The old man stare him with the disappointed look at his face.Yet,his son yell at him.
Old man says please don't abandon me son,all those days I spent to earn money to feed and school you,to fill your mother's position after she died.
(Meanwhile Son hit him with a rod)
You old man u didn't do any favour,that was your job,I don't want you old smelly dirty guy in my house.
(Old man Weeps)
Oh Jannet! Is this the day we grew up our kid for.
Son laughs and says cry on you old guy.
Mom is dead (laughs).
You are just a liability on me and my family.So,u better rot somewhere else.
My wife is tired of cleaning your shit,My kids will get measles from you.
(Son threw a rod at him and lefts)
Meanwhile a storm of memories are running in old man's head.
The picture of his baby boy first look,the memory of teaching his son to ride bicycle,the memory of his son getting ill and suffering through deadly condition.

Old man whip his eyes with his shady clothes,he hold his walking stick with a teared bag in his hand.
His skinny legs shaking with cold,he moves slowly slowly towards nowhere.
The sound of his stick echoes in the dark Streets.a thunderstorm of regrets hitting continuosly his mind.
He weeps towards God asking what was his mistake? He was always a good person,followed the path of truth,so why?
He flashback all his mistakes
(Rains starts)
He sat down in the rain.
Hungry and lonely.His body shiver in the rain.He knew his old body could not survive for long.As the hours pass by he was just sitting their as a statute with full of regrets and disappointment.
As his time comes near by, he just fell down and pictures the image of his wife.
In the night of heavy rain,the water dropplets hits him like a bullets.
Alone and lonely he say to the world
 Good Bye.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Friend in need

I am crowded by a lot of souls.Offering me a helping hand,They call themselves friend of mine.
Where were they when i was in need of that hand.
Excuse, promises, forgiveness are the dishes they serve,with the backstabbing knife with them.
They promise me to be my companion in my loney journey.
But they left before starting a step.
Yet they are my friends you can't say,
With the bunch of wolves I follow this road way.

I smile and ask myself
"Did I chose the wrong pathway?".

Piece of life

It's a new morning in the cycle of life,but still I am lost in the cold night of wreck.
My happiness is lost in this charming world,yet I hope for shadow of success.
Dozens of failure,Hub of mistakes
I always ask myself
"Did I chose The Wrong Pathway?"